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About Our Company

custosdeposit.com is a company which offers investment to all investors.

Since its foundation, the company has been engaging in the trade of Bitcoin. Our investment can acquire considerable profit in Bitcoin market every 24 hours, for all trades are transacted by our trade robots automatically. If you are looking for reliable financial cooperation, protect your investment from losing and increase your amount of savings, then you have made a correct decision to select us.

All deposits and withdrawals are instant, you can change your life from now on, the investment of $30 US dollars is right in your wallet! What does financial freedom mean to you? In CoinsDeposit.com, we know how to obtain financial freedom. We create chances of investment and also help you to realize them. What's more, alternative investment service which can produce higher returns with lower risks is offered by us. This high level investment can strengthen your financial prospect in the future.

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Meet our team

Julie Herzigova
Julie holds a position of company product manager. She characterizes herself as a bit of this and a bit...

Patrick Pool
Due to the volume of mail he gets, if you send him a message ?you actually will get a personal reply!

Laura Stegner
Laura is an Executive Assistant of our Company, supporting two vice presidents and an operating partner.

Martha Healy
Marta is the Marketing Consultant of our Company, responsible for managing marketing.

UK Registered Company
Our mission
After completely knowing what the investors had undergone in numerous investment websites, custosdeposit.com is dedicated into creating a fair and stable Bitcoin investment platform. At present, Bitcoin has been consistently growing nationwide, its price curve contains a huge amount of financial potentiality which brings about tremendous business opportunities. No matter you are a green hand or an expert, custosdeposit.com offers you the simplest and most convenient plan of investment and help our investors to easily change their lives through investing.

Our team
We have been cooperating with each other for several years, and hence we have become a highly profitable investment company. Our advantages are confidence, efficiency and reliability, which lead us to make profits and ensure the interests of our investors for all the time. Today, we have high-quality directors and leaders in our team. Even so, we keep on encouraging training on new professional personnel to make our team spirit change with the times.

Fund security
Frankly speaking, all investments are more or less risky, but as a responsible investment company, we should tell our investors all the possible interests and risks in advance. custosdeposit.com absolutely free and secret to create accounts on CoinsDeposit.com, and 100% strict with the security protocol. The most stable method is to introduce your families and friends, but the plan of investment website is the fastest and most comfortable way. You can select as you like.

49 Lavender Gardens, London, Battersea, United Kingdom, SW11 1DJ
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